THem Ol' Ghosts

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Them Ol' Ghosts are a Southern Soul Rock & Roll outfit from New Orleans, Louisiana. Drawing inspiration from the endearing charm of a constant South Louisiana backdrop and the rich cultural amalgamizer that is New Orleans, their sound is a familiar yet novel offering to American songwriting. Catchy and straight-forward, yet always laced with just the right amount of substance and complexity, their music  adopts elements of Soul, Blues, and Rock & Roll. 

From raw and honest Soul ballads where candid storytelling and emotional transparency takes the helm, to anthemic and progressive, guitar driven arrangements wreathed with impassioned vocals, Them Ol Ghosts aim to always remain genuine, pure in intent, and forever from the heart. 

Vocals, Guitar / Theophile Bourgeois
Guitar / Justin Johnson
Bass / Aaron Younce
Drums / Blair Champagne




by Them Ol' Ghosts

Them Ol' Ghosts' first effort, Renegade, was the result of frontman Theophile Bourgeois' ambition to turn a quaint and cozy family hunting camp into a makeshift recording studio to record an album in complete isolation, with no distractions to the pace of the outside world. So along with Lead Guitarist- Justin Johnson, Bassist- Aaron Younce and Drummer- Blair Champagne, thats just what they did. With the help of old friend and sound engineer Ryan Toussel, Them Ol' Ghosts laid down six songs deep in the heart of South Mississippi. The Ep's title track, "Renegade" is a guide to the human experience from Bourgeois to his two young sons. The powerful sincerity and unfiltered emotion in lyrical content coupled with simple yet cutting guitars and a driving rhythm section make this a song a moving work of raw simplicity. To balance the tone of the album, the band chose songs with more upbeat subjects and arrangements. Still, Bourgeois as he often does, kept it personal. On "Bitch, I wrote this song for you", Bourgeois, through deeply relatable storytelling, playfully pokes fun at the relationship between him and his wife and offers a genuine glimpse into their inside jokes, follies, and more. The song reverberates the echoes of unconventional soul and rock n roll ballads akin to an accidental mash up of Weezer and Joe Cocker with a distant familarity of 90's era Alternative Rock. Bourgeois' writing style, often weaves subtle humor into moving compositions with a raw sincerity that is hard to miss. Coupled with the powerful chemistry between the band members, Them Ol' Ghosts' first release is an exhibition in soulful self reflection and genuinely resonant songwriting.